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Organizations must also care for and retain their talents

In addition to providing good human talent practices, striking salaries and protection programs, companies are interested in having their employees be happy and develop their potential, as this ultimately becomes a win-win situation.

Organizations are doing many things to try to understand the collaborators, but the main thing is that they are striving to understand the culture of the people, how they are, what they want, what they like and need, to work on what interests them and he wants the organization. During 2017, on average, 47% of companies have not applied any practice of attraction, retention or recognition of human talent. From this moment the organizations must work on the concept of 'employer brand'.

We need as organizations to attract people from products and services, who are people who are interested in the organization not only for a personal development issue but for a whole and develop other types of skills.

18.24% of the companies consulted in Punto Salarial claimed to have an established talent retention policy and 25% have it for recognition. Some of the most used strategies by organizations are emotional salaries, internal development, career plan, coherent leadership, challenging environments, an equitable salary policy and an inclusive organization.

Provide training, that employees feel that achieve better personal and professional development with an integral growth, with a balance between personal and work life, so organizations manage to retain human talent and people increase their productivity achieving the goals that the organization propose.