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Temporary jobs arrive for the holiday season

Many organizations are currently analyzing the recruitment process they will open for temporary jobs. The holiday season is approaching and organizations require more people to serve their customers commercially and offer a better service. December is a few days away, the truth is that an organization must have clear what it needs to meet the commercial expectations of the end of the year. At the same time, those interested, including thousands of young people who leave their studies or are unemployed, attend the call with optimism.

In any case, it is important that the works adhere to the law.

Jobs for sellers

The work in these times is called seasonal and is given by the increase of production; There are several ways of linking in these cases, normally it is done with a temporary service company or directly with a fixed-term contract, but it is important that people take into account that the catalog of rights is independent of the time of work, only that these they are proportional; It is not to have no right to vacation or to the premium, but a payment is made in proportion. Organizations begin incorporating these talents, mainly commercial, in advance to ensure training and service.

Jobs for auxiliaries

Since the companies have incorporated sales strategies such as anniversaries, special price days, 'early morning', 'trasnochón', school season, mothers ', fathers' days, love and friendship, 'halloween', Christmas, etc., each company hires on average 15 days before this sales force to ensure their training in product and point of sale. These dates become an engine of generation of temporary employment in the country.

Punctually, dynamic, recursive people are sought, with commercial skills, multitasking ability, organizations must take into account the real disposition of these people for a short but intense work, an adequate state of health and an absolute commitment are required, as the seasons are So short that occupying some vacancies or incurring replacements or absences of these employees is quite expensive for the organizations.

Temporary charges for professionals

The global trend indicates that indefinite term contracts are increasingly scarce. In the case of professionals, having a temporary job can be an option while achieving a better job.