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5 Tips for finding a job

Being active in the labor market is not as simple as it was a couple of years ago, because organizations are looking for more and more specialized candidates with specific qualities. Even the professional with the most impressive resume can be out of competition if he does not behave appropriately in a hiring process; therefore, we give you some tips to know how and what to do when they are in search of a new job.

1. Take advantage of job portals Job portals such as are an indispensable tool for finding a job since they concentrate a large number of vacancies in a wide range of work areas. is one of the largest job portals in the country. Our advice is that in addition to apply to our job offers, complete 100% of the fields of your profile in the LIFE SHEET as that multiplies your chances of getting a job in the area of ​​your interest.

2. Highlights in the interviews Investigate about the organization and job they offer and get ready with specific details to introduce yourself to the recruiter. Try not to improvise to reduce the possibility of making mistakes. Always carry a printed resume and, if possible, a portfolio of your work.

3. Respond safely Try to be as concrete as possible in your answers and use concrete phrases or strong words so that the recruiter remembers you. Review your qualities and also your things to improve and make a list to have them present because you need to sell the best of you. Be honest, of course, highlight your strengths but also demonstrate humility to learn.

4. Take care of your voice and your body language The expressions reveal your image and your personality that are two fundamental factors to be hired. Make eye contact with your recruiter every time they exchange words, smile discreetly, shake hands firmly and sit upright. Your voice should be natural but safe and in a tone that your recruiter can hear perfectly. Consider also the position to which you aspire, if you apply to a service charge your tone should be more friendly while if it is one of leadership may require you raise the tone a little.

5. Presence in Social Networks Maybe they have not considered it but the organizations consult the social networks of their applicants to assess the personality of their potential employees. 

So if you are looking for a job or you are in the middle of a selection process try to keep your profiles on Facebook, liinkeddin and Twitter impeccable, and avoid making publications that could be considered inappropriate. Remember that the most important thing in the process of finding work, is to maintain a positive attitude and dedicate enough time to prepare for that purpose. You always have to arrive with a well-prepared resume and prepared for the job interview.