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five tips to have productive days

Getting good results every day in your work can simply be a matter of decision. Simply apply some simple strategies to manage your activities and better manage the time to convect your days in production engines. Then, 5 tips to have productive days at work

1. Eat like a professional! That saying that "we are what we eat" is absolutely right. The foods that we give to our body can provide us with energy, vitality, concentration or on the contrary, they can affect our performance. Therefore, the importance of taking care of our diet and eating a diet according to our activities.

2. One night before If you start the day overloading your brain with an endless list of slopes it is very likely that you exhaust it ahead of time, instead, if you take 10 or 15 minutes of the night before to plan it and make a list of activities, you will wake up fresh and knowing exactly what you have to do

3. Activate and flow There are two secrets to start the day incredibly productive, the first is to drink at least one glass of water to hydrate your body and make your organs work and the second is to start the day with an exercise routine that activates your body and oxygenates the blood. You only need 20 minutes to give your body that shot of energy that will make you perform much more throughout the day.

4. Leave the distractors aside Stay away from any type of interruption that takes away your time, be it work colleagues, objects or appliances. Define your times well and assign a specific period to concentrate completely on your tasks and eliminate distractions such as calls, social networks, messages, emails, corridor conversations or visits from your context.

5. Learn every day At the end of your day, devote a few minutes to review what you learned during your journey and write it down to fix it in your memory. If you have the opportunity, read for 15 or 20 minutes preferably something related to your career or your job.