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5 tips to increase productivity during the World Cup Russia

Only 3 days after the start of one of the RUSSIA 2018 world championships, organizations and collaborators can adopt strategies to avoid affecting productivity. There are five business tactics to achieve that in the work teams there is a winning alignment and the corporate objectives to enjoy the World Cup are not lost:

1. Behavioral agreements: the workplace can be a permanent learning scenario in which seeing and sharing matches is an opportunity to know the tastes of others. Organizations must learn to negotiate what and where to ask to eat, create scenarios to share, elevate workplace coexistence among co-workers.

2. Space for the imagination: create contests in which everyone contributes ideas, prizes and sanctions to overcome the goals of the month resorting to new formulas or mechanisms fruits of creativity, so that it becomes an intrinsic motivation.

3. Empathy and collaboration: the subsequent analysis of some games can be used to strengthen teamwork, taking the learning out of the court and taking it to the office so that the metaphor allows to strengthen the most important work skills.

4. The World Cup is a source of happiness: watching a game can serve to lower stress levels and generate more productive environments in more organized and happy spaces.

5. Motivation from management by objectives: this is the perfect scenario to see how to improve time, attention and concentration in order to increase the efficiency and quality of rest time. What do you think? Tell us How is your company preparing for the Russia 2018 World Cup?