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The factors that stress the most at work

ob stress costs the European Union about 20,000 million euros annually, it was concluded at the II International Congress of Work Psychology and HR in Valencia (Spain) and in Colombia also generates millions in losses.

The first reason to leave a job is poor interpersonal relationships, above the salary. " And, according to the professor, "stressors are usually not under the direct control of the worker. Poor relationships with colleagues, inadequate physical facilities (an uncomfortable workplace, for example) and adverse environmental characteristics, such as offices without ventilation or excessive heat, contribute to worsen the work environment.

There has been a great progress in the reduction of accidents and occupational diseases, but there have been few advances in terms of psychosocial risks (stress, anxiety, burnout syndrome or burnout, exhaustion or demotivation) and this is a serious error since it is closely related to the productivity and profitability of organizations.

Therefore, it is essential that companies are aware of their responsibility to become spaces for healthy coexistence and work, in order to promote the happiness and well-being of their employees. The best way to handle stress at work is not to take them to work, to understand that people are different and we are in teams with different people, who have certain things that affect them.

We must also be tolerant and accept precisely that difference and that differential value that each one contributes to the work team so as not to feel stressed with their behaviors. Taking advantage of opportunities for improvement and controlling the risks that companies face depends to a large extent on the work done by the workers.

The ideal is to go to work feeling part of a good group, committed to the organization and that it offers the opportunity and the means to develop their talent. Organizations must have programs, techniques and spaces that allow them to provide employees with places of well-being, thinking about different generations, needs and happiness, thus motivating and involving human talent in a good professional climate.