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¿How is the new collaborators of the organization received?

It is important to have a directed induction plan, that all the team is aware of the arrival of the new person, have clear management indicators to measure and, last but not least, prepare work tools such as cell phones , computer or all that apply for the position. It is valuable that there be an initial meeting between bosses and collaborators to understand the expectations of the organization with their new role, as well as to evaluate the motivation.

When there is a change there are two possible scenarios: one in which there is the possibility of making the connection between the two people, the one who leaves office and who comes to replace him; there you have to pay attention in the treatment of both people, because you can hurt the susceptibilities of the person who is leaving, as well as generate motivation of the person who enters. The other scenario is when the person has already left office, therefore, the immediate boss must make clear the indicators, expectations and, as well as there is a structured induction plan, ways of acting to mitigate the impasses must be foreseen. they could get to have.

Organizations must prepare themselves a lot. This depends largely on the success of the recruitment, so the candidate will be productive and fit the position, you must have a full description of the position and the result to produce by the person, the place where you can work, must be well presented to everyone else on the team and have an establishment plan, with the necessary training and induction Some organizations believe that the best way to guide a new collaborator is by giving them the opportunity to sponsor them with another partner, so both parties, the bosses and colleagues, can effectively monitor the socialization of the new talent. The most important thing when arriving at a new position is to know and understand the company, the culture and the role you are going to assume.

You must review and adopt the DNA of the company, also understand the moment for which this is happening. If you are going to assume a strategic position you have to determine the functions in the best way.

If a collaborator is not well received and does not feel well in a position, he may think he is in the wrong place.