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Things that can be negotiated in a selection process

Although before starting a selection process the conditions are on the table, there will always be room for negotiation. The agreements not only involve remuneration, but other important factors for the worker as the schedule, start date and benefits.  It is always possible to negotiate all salary conditions and benefits in a new job.

Although some offers have a set ceiling, in case you can not negotiate strictly money issues, you can arrange: prepaid medicine, life insurance, flexible schedules and early vacations. And is that when initiating the search for human talent are already established characteristics such as profile, functions, remuneration, type of contract, schedule and benefits. By having this clear during the negotiation the organization has a starting point just like the aspirant to the position. It is very improper information at the right time.

For example, if the salary aspiration of the candidate is higher than that offered, this data should be shared when starting the process to know if it is continued to the next stage. Both company and candidate must make known that there is some aspect with which they are not satisfied and want to negotiate. There are organizations that are flexible in salary and others that are not, so it is essential to know the organization and the type of salary, because it is easier to negotiate a variable salary than a fixed one.

Remember that the current benefits can be quantified in money and, according to this information, calculate a percentage increase compared to your present. The common thing in the market is to make an increase of between 20% and 30% of your current pay plus profits. People who still have an ordinary basic wage must carry the accounts very well to make a change to an integral salary because they stop receiving bonuses and layoffs.

The organization must be clear and try to support itself in the conditions agreed unless there is some differential that requires and deserves to negotiate. During the interview you can present variables that require some type of negotiation and have to have flexibility with the profile of the applicant, rewarding in some way the plus that is perceived on the basic requirement and punishing on the other hand the deficiencies found Finally, a good negotiation is a starting point for the two parties to feel comfortable during the working relationship that is about to start.