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How many days in advance should the resignation letter be submitted to the organization?

One of the most important points in the field of work is to establish whether the worker can untie in time or if he should submit the letter of resignation to the employer with a time in advance. Before this we must recognize what the law says, the personal interest and that of the organization.

Previously, the worker had to submit his resignation 30 days in advance so that he would not be sanctioned. However, Law 789 of 2002, through its article 28, amended article 64 of the Substantive Labor Code (CST), eliminating the payment of compensation, therefore, is not obliged to pay the employer a penalty for withdrawal of his work.

An important aspect "is that if there is no provision in the contract that provides notice, the worker may deliberately retire and the employer must respect and confirm his decision in the letter of acceptance of the waiver. However, "a person with an indefinite term contract, by ethics and if he knows that he has pending activities, must establish a date of 10 or 15 days in advance to process the letter of resignation.

This depends on the volume of work you have and you can agree with your boss, " However, if the worker has nothing outstanding, he can leave the same day if he can reach a mutual agreement with his superior.