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Consensus to which bosses and employees must arrive

The good labor relations are vital for the development of the collaborators in their work position, this way their growth, production and satisfaction with the daily tasks can be guaranteed. Making agreements serves to build a good relationship between the leader and the team, the mere fact of having a space to talk and that what has been agreed upon is an advance, because it gives importance to all team members and their opinions count.

There are basic agreements such as the roadmap that is given to all employees when they arrive at a job, what are the functions and performance expected of them. The first consensus is about the support that the collaborator has with his boss to where and in what cases he can count on him, the other related is about the results: what is expected in his position, with what things he must comply with and What are those extra points about your production? There are other agreements that have to do with responsibility and freedom in the positions to carry out daily activities.

It is important to have confidence in the work team and its leaders so that opinions and requests are taken into account.

This does not generate hidden agendas or secret intentions. We must remove those ideas that the boss can not be said no, that you can not count on him, that you can not ask for something because he will think that I am incompetent, that if I am wrong I can not say it because my professional image of Being able is at stake or that if I need and demand a right I am problematic, by leaving that aside both parties can take risks that become positive and result in success stories in the organization. This generates the trust and good communication that is vital in any relationship.

Disagreements must also be managed, how they will act if they arrive and who will make the final decisions. If the decision is not what is wanted or expected, it must be understood that it was not because the arguments of part and part were not heard, but also that there are things that must be given up.